Cursed with Procrastination

Either I was born with a procrastination gene or I live with this affliction because  of misdeeds in a past life.  Today, I took a sick day so I could actually get some work done!  It’s report card season, and I rather not spend the entire weekend plus a few late nights drafting diplomatic things to say about some of my more, uh, challenging students.  Besides, I’ve only taken 1 day off since August, so it can’t hurt, right?


I woke up early with my fiance and enjoyed the rare, leisurely morning.  I mentally formed my plan of attack: spelling inventory analysis first, then fill in report cards, except for math.  Then I will tackled analyzing math investigation portfolios and proficiency in multiplication – which may take a few days, by the look of the stack of papers.

After my love departed for work, I thought, it’s only 7am so I can spend a few minutes knitting before getting to work!  An hour later, realizing that I am delaying the inevitable, I decide that I will be much more productive if I have a treat to nibble on.  And if I don’t use up that buttermilk from St. Patty’s Day, it will spoil.  So I have NO choice.  I must bake scones!  And that’s when things got really out of hand…(If you’ve ever read the book, If You Give a Moose a Muffin, this may sound familiar.)

Upon entering the kitchen, I found a pile of dishes in the sink that I don’t remember from the night before.  They must have multiplied like gremlins.  Before I can make the scones, the dishes need to done and counters scrubbed.

Once a work surface is clean, I mix the batter and throw them in the oven, all the while eyeballing the dirty cabinet fronts and mystery substance stuck on the fridge door.  Thanks to a Magic Eraser, these are clean in no time, but then it’s glaringly obvious that the mystery substance is also splattered on the floor.  And it has friends.

Scones come out, smelling delightful.  The floor gets swept and scrubbed… then scrubbed again after Kitty dances on it before it dries.

I survey the dining room and living room, trying to choose a work space for the rest of the day and what do I see?  The floor!!  Clearly, the kitchen won’t stay clean if this floor isn’t swept and mopped, too.  And I certainly can’t sweep until everything is dusted!

An hour later, the living spaces are tidied.  Kitty is sleepy.  Where did I leave my report card stuff?  Better check my email before I get started, just in case.  And get Pinterest out of the way – I don’t want to be distracted.  Would you look at that – it’s nearly 11am!  No wonder I’m hungry.  It’s time to try one of the scones.

While in the kitchen, I can see my newly planted garden out the window.  I’d better check on my babies!  I head out the back door, taking a load of laundry with me.  I can’t put a dirty rug back on a clean floor, right?

The garden is fine.  Laundry is going.  It’s noon.  Time to get down to business.  I’d better have a proper lunch first, though, or I won’t be able to sit still.

2pm and 3 report cards are completed!  I think I’m on a roll – only 24 more to go.

Uh oh, a text from my fiance.  He needs me to check out flights to Chicago.  *sigh*

Sadly, I fully anticipated this would happen, but was powerless to stop it.  Here’s to a long weekend and a few late nights, drafting meaningless, yet diplomatic things to write on report cards.


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