The Yarn Stash

I confess.  I am a yarn-aholic.  I have several moving boxes bursting with skeins, some untouched, some unraveling, some tangled into a wool-monster that looks like it should be lurking under a bed, waiting to go bump in the night.  I have bags of yarn stashed behind unexpecting pieces of furniture, hidden in little baskets under the coffee table, and rolling around the bottom of more than one purse.  And what do I do about it?  Buy more yarn, of course!  Because who could resist a wistful lavender mohair or a new organic cotton in just the right color?  I have a problem and I should probably be in yarn rehab.

Alas, yarn addiction has not yet been acknowledged by the DSM-whatever-number-they’re-on-now.  So I will do the next best thing.  Okay, the second best thing.  The first would be to stop buying yarn and finally finish all of the half-completed or failed projects.  I once dreamed of using every last yard to make tantalizing handbags, head wraps, and scarves.  For nearly a year I didn’t purchase a single skein… and then the holidays arrived and the dam burst.

I now realize that it would take years for me to use up all of my stash.  I would just end up making things that don’t need or even want.  So instead, I will organize!  I will take each beautiful ball and bundle out of hiding and put it proudly on display!  No more tangled messes, no more lost hanks.  I have cleaned off an entire bookshelf and carefully stacked them where I can delight in their textures, colors, and potential.  The process has just begun, but already I’m inspired by my yarn instead of being afraid of it.  And the unintended consequence?  I get to trade in all of those displaced books for new books to read!


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